Impact Zambia Orphan Feeding Project

Every Friday outside Jewels Art and Craft Centre in Bedford Square between 9am and 3pm we have a market stall with all proceeds going direct to an Orphan Feeding Project in Zambia.
The Church in Zambia that we have links with set up this feeding project themselves but with very limited funds as you can imagine. We, as a church, have got behind the project with a view to increasing those funds.
The Orphans are victims of HIV and at present we are able to send £350 a month which is currently feeding between 400 and 600 children. Due to peoples’ generosity in donating items and clothes to sell and, of course, those people that are buying, the feeding project is now able to operate six days a week rather than just twice a month.
A BIG THANK YOU to everybody!
If you have any items, clothes or toys you are able to donate please bring them along to Jewels any time.
The project is hoping to expand to provide hygienic facilities for cooking.